Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year and New Site!

Coming Soon!
Don't panic. Everything for customers will just about be the same. 

Except I signed up for Pattern through Etsy, and now I have a legitimate website.  I like the new interface, it feels more like a "shop" than more of Etsy.  Plus I still get to keep Etsy, and that whole back end.  However, I will probably be changing the blog over to the new website, and dropping this older, separated aspect of the store.  Looking for more of an integrated feel this year.

I have also been finishing new pieces like mad!  I finished another headband piece since I liked how the prototype came out so well. I also have a large hair fork, a small hair fork, and I am working on another large piece.  Most of these are large kiku pieces I made and then set aside, and am now able to finish filler pieces and attachments. 

I also have been updating listings on the site, but not much of the kanzashi.  Mostly it has been other items, like bookmarks, and a few pieces I had made and never photographed. 

Coming Soon!!
My new year also brings a new office space (still in my home, of course), a dedicated room to my crafting endeavors.  It is part of the reason I am working through all this new kanzashi, making room to bring out other projects. I am still working on that large embroidery piece, I have a book on white work, and I still have rolls and rolls of washi paper to go through.  Not to mention I will be picking back up on the silk embroidery after my next lesson in March.  I am going to need all the space I can get.