Sunday, March 20, 2016

Big Blue Beauty and TZARTISAN Store

Wondering about this piece? It will be available in the TZARTISAN store soon!  Keep an eye out becasue there is ONLY ONE and it will be gone quickly!

Things have busy with kanzashi, making the promised donations for the team store.  Its turned into quite a bit of work, but the first phase is almost complete.  Instead of one color, we are going with a variety of white/ice blue, black/red, pumpkin/coral, baby pink/coral, goldenrod/pumpkin and midnight purple/tea green. 

Most of these I had already finished, until a drink spilled on them and I lost 2 pieces.  *sigh*  :(

Hopefully will  have pictures soon!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Custom order DONE! And TZARTISAN shop now open!

I've been a busy bee, as usual! To the right you can see the final display of the custom order I have been working for a month and a half!  The stems are 6 inches, to be tucked behind an obi fold around the knot or in front as a display piece.  Each bouquet has 7 blossoms, 2 leaf pieces and an alternating length bira bira. 

I never did find pins big enough  or strong enough to hold up this much weight properly, but these 4 inch'ers did the trick, I just had to add some lenght to the stem and give it a front facing bend in the stem.  All in all, they are still slightly adjustable, but look darn good.And are quite sturdy.

The hair clip was a side order to put in her wig for her cosplay. 

On top of that, I have finally gotten to work on the kanzashi I promised to donate to the TZARTISAN SHOP which is now up and running!!!!  All proceeds go to publishing the tutorial book.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Store Updates and Upcoming Projects

The photos are complete!  Listings are up, and that means I did about 18 in a day.  10 for the bookmarks alone and another 8 for kanzashi pieces! 

Bookmarks came out awesome! I really hope they sell.  And I have already sold off one of the kanzashi, the denim blue kiku. 

I also just finished checking inventory for a very special project. 

Since our kickstarter has officially failed, we are moving on to the website to open our own store front where people can donate money to receive kanzashi made by the artisans in the group.  Truthfully we had many people donate and we still wish people to be able to recieve the rewards promised in the kickstarter.  There will also be a strictly donation feature, so that if you do not wish to recieve anything for donating, you don't have to.  All funding will go directly to the publication of the book.

I am making several pieces, including single flower hair sticks in a range of color choices, as well as large pieces like the Big Blue Beauty and the tutorial rose.  Bobby pins will also be available, but only because they have already been made. I have a TON of little orange and pink blossoms to put on bobby pins. I might make some in the other color selections, but no more of the pumpkin orange and coral. 

So far the different color hair stick selection will be white/ice blue, baby pink/coral, pumpkin orange/coral, pumpkin orange/goldenrod, black/china red, and midnight purple/tea green.  I want to incorporate as many color variations as i can, but without over-investing myself.  As it is i have to make five of those each.  YAY *sarcasm*, but it will be easier than making 30 of the same color combo. 

I am also trying to get that custom order out of the door as quickly as possible.  I have the first one thread wrapped, but not the second.  With my wrist acting up it has been difficult.  The first one was very difficult to finish.  But I have been resting the past few days focusing on updating things like listings, deviantART, and coordinating with Ariel, the team leader for TZARTISAN

Also on the docket, I get my insulin pump on Monday, March 7.  I am beyond elated.  As a diabetic, I have worried so much about food, weight management, injections 4-5x a day. Yeah  you read that right.  Sometimes it's 5 injections a day.  And I cant have all those needles and stuff around my autistic son, and it limits my activites. As it is I have signed up for a camping trip with my daughter for girl scouts, and I wouldn't be able to go if a) they didn't let me bring my own food and b) i was injecting insulin.  Its too unpredictable.  Too many things go wrong.

Ok, off the diabetes rant.  

But the point of that was, I will have an easier life overall, and hopefully I can get all these projects out the door in time. Ugh.