Tuesday, February 25, 2014

5 Mums Across

5 chrysanthemums complete.  Next I have 15 leaf pieces to complete, thats 3 for each mum.  And the centers.  And thread wrapping the wires.  And then mounting.  Still have a long ways to go.

Monday, February 24, 2014

New Chrysanthemum Bridge

These are the colors for the next bridge I am building.  From left, lemon yellow, goldenrod, and pumpkin orange.  There will be 2 lemon yellow and 2 pumpkin orange and 1 goldenrod at the center.  The center of each mum I have not attached as I usually do, because I am going to do them all at once to get a more exact size on each to match all the way across.  I really wanted to do a hana to go with this set, but I just don't have enough of the goldenrod to make more. 

I will also be including foliage with this set, three traditional rounded petal leaves for each mum.  Most likely I will use the dark green tea color and memory thread for the stem accent.  Then its thread wrapping and mounting.  Still a long way to go till I get there.  Maybe at the end of the week if I am diligent. 

I still have not finished the thread wrapping of the previous white and gold bridge.  Truthfully I am tired of working on it and want a new challenge.  I will get it done soon, it's too pretty to go unfinished.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Completed Bridge

I spent the last two days putting this pretty girl together,  She is very full, and will take a few days to do the finishing touches of wrapping the framework with thread so that the wires do not release and poke or cut.  It will also tighten down some of the loose pieces. 

I think next I will try a chrysanthemum bridge and maiko set. Maybe a simple arrangement of peonies.  But nothing this detailed and elaborate.

Signups for the conventions have already begun in Dallas.  I have passed on A-kon this year, which is the largest convention, and have rather opted to sign up for the Anime Fest, which is more in August than in June.  I wanted to start small for my first con, learn a few things before jumping into the big Akon to-do. And the time difference will give me a little more room to prepare. I still need a sign, new business cards, new pieces, verify that my credit card scanner still works (since I have never had the opportunity to use it), little details like that. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

White and Gold Tiara Hana

I've been busy.  

This is just the flower pieces for the new tiara, in a general layout.  I still have 10 leaf pieces and several pieces of floral spray to add as well.  These pieces still have to be thread wrapped in order for the wires to be properly attached to the frame and not slip once in place. 

Tomorrow I have a kanzashi date with my kanzashi friend, and she is teaching me a peony.  After several attempts I have decided it would be less expensive if she taught it to me than if I continued using up chirimen on my own. She is so kind to do it, and its a good excuse to have lunch with her :)
Hopefully I can post a new peony soon!

Friday, February 7, 2014

White and Gold Tiara In the Making.

I started a new tiara piece yesterday.  The colors are solid white, gold flecked white, and gold with white kanoko print.  There will also be numerous green leaves and foliage, with a total of 5 large double cherry blossom flowers.  The smaller cherry blossom style and ume style flowers will be filler in between, with some green floiage and pearl flower pistils.

I also picked up a butterfly paper punch, and will be adding tiny gold butterfly shapes to the piece here and there, especially on the white ume pieces.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More New Ornaments

These are the last of the ornaments I am making for a while.  They came along quickly and turned out well, though I had to spend a
 considerable amount of money restocking my ribbon supply in order to finish the two pastels.

I have a kanzashi date! My kanzashi partner is going to help me make a peony, since I am in need of outside advice.  And since my chirimen supply arrived yesterday, I am in need of some new ideas as to what to do with it.
I did use most of that order to finish the empty sections in my color swatch custom order binder. The solid chirimen color section is almost complete.  Considering the amount of solid colors available to order is 52, that's quite an accomplishment. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Listings

With a little help from a lamp or two, I was able to get a decent light going to photograph the new balls today, even though natural light was not going to be found today.  I am particularly proud of this batch of ornaments, the photos really don't do them justice.