Friday, July 31, 2015

Purple Kiku is Finished!

She's all finished! I swear some phenomonial force is looking out for me.  Not only did I find those four hairsticks, but the deep wisteria color my supplier no longer makes.  Just enough to finish!  I will probably start photos as early as tonight.  I am up to 6 pieces after all.  That's a good chunk.

I am very happy at how these sets have come out, and I hope you guys do as well.  Remember this is all going to my friend with thyroid cancer.  And I am in the process of setting up a gofundme campaign, after I get permission to share her name and personal information. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Trashcan Gold

I'm digging in hope through random bags of hair attachments, (barrettes and clips and such) and low and behold what do I find? ONE LAST PACK of hair forks.  I immediately went to work.

Three I have used on the ones in the photo. The green/orange will each be posted separately, since they have different patterns.  The fourth hair fork I have saved for the purple kiku I made but haven't figured out how to finish.  Part of my problem is they don't make the color purple I am out of and conveniently had enough to finish the piece with, but left nothing for the shidare. And I don't have any more small squares of the print.  So I could add a bira bira, rotational, and maybe fix it up that way.  Yet it just doesn't seem to fit with what I had imagined when I started.  So I continue to debate it. 

As soon as I am finished #4 I am going to set up a photo shoot again.  With 6 pieces now to list, I think I have enough to make it worth it. 

Still working on that gofundme campaign for my friend.  Will have real details soon. 

Please remember every purchase is a donation.  Just click the etsy badge on the right to go to the shop. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

New stuff and updates

I seem to definitely be working again.  Except for one caviat, I am out of my hair forks. I don't know when I can make it to the store for more, but these two are ready to go. 

I finished the purple over the weekend, and finished the yellow/red today with shidare.  I think purple might get a bira bira.  Not certain yet.  But most of the labor is done, now I just need to fix them to something and get them thread wrapped and photographed. 

I have started another set, pumpkin orange and green. But it accents a print I haven't used before, and I have been deciding about this fabric for some time.  This one will be a double cherry blossom like the pink and blue.

And then I have an actual pink cherry blossom on a white background I have been meaning to recreate, it's next on the agenda.  But I have a concern that I am running out of certain colors, that usually throws off a whole color scheme.  I have to re-inventory soon.  But right now I try to take a mental note and move on.

Remember these pieces are all basically charity.  All sales will be donated to my friend and fellow kanzashi artisan with cancer.  So donate some money and get something nifty in return! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

New Pieces! Please donate!

SO! After discovering that one of my friends has cancer, as I previously stated in my last post, all sales from the shop will go directly to helping my friend with her medical costs. 

We are also coordinating a gofundme campaign. Details to come. 

These two are finally finished! Both are made in matching colors of medium blue, fuchsia, plum pink, and that printed blue cloth I have been waiting to use.  Now that I have some real motivation to work, it seemed like a good time. Both have 3 inch hair forks, and are thread wrapped at the attachment. 

The shidare are each different patterns, but one is longer than the other on both pieces.  Its hard to tell inthe photo the way the petals are laying.

Each will be sold separately.  Its probably going to run about 30 each since the printed fabric is so expensive, compared to the regular solid colors. 

I will provide more information on my friend and her condition as she gives me permission to post such personal information.  But so far I have raised nothing, and I am eager to send her any assistance I can.  

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Back in action!

Ok, the shop is back open, custom orders are available and I am working for a cause. I was stricken with the terrible news that one of my close friends has developed cancer. The only way I can help her is to raise some sales in her name. But I won't make some sales without new inventory,  so I have started a set of new pieces using the blue print fabric I have so desperately needed to work with. It's hard to get back into work, especially since I am not in the greatest health either. But I have been sitting on my supplies for too long. And now I have a purpose. 
I plan on a few more of this larger double blossom design. Then some various medium sized kiku's with different colors in the same basic style as the large red print mix with rounded petals. Smaller and less decorative, but more affordable. Then some standard kiku's in solid colors with pointed petals.

100% of every sale I make till the end of 2015 will be donated directly to my friend to cover her medical costs. I don't expect to help much, but a few hundred dollars can make a real difference. She still has a long road of healing ahead. I hope you guys will join me in helping out.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Pieces Have Been Delayed

I wanted to come back in July, but I swear my body conspires against me. This time it was my gall bladder, and it had to go. So, consequently, it went.  As I am typing this note I am still pretty  much stuck in bed, resting, keeping up with pain management, and being supervised by my very attentive nursemaid husband. 
Though as I lie here restless, considering its been 2 weeks of sickness at this point, I am plotting and planning my next piece.  The piece I had wanted to start before I ended up in the hospital for 3 days.  The blue print I purchased last April was cut and prepped for use before I got sick. I want to start on it soon, hopefully before my two children return this weekend. 
But it had been originally planned to be completed and photographed and done by now.  I am running very behind, and if anything, I am grateful I did not take on the task of AnimeFest this year.  I dont think I have been prepared for it with the numerous health issues I have had. And we are only half done with 2015, lol.