Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Pieces Have Been Delayed

I wanted to come back in July, but I swear my body conspires against me. This time it was my gall bladder, and it had to go. So, consequently, it went.  As I am typing this note I am still pretty  much stuck in bed, resting, keeping up with pain management, and being supervised by my very attentive nursemaid husband. 
Though as I lie here restless, considering its been 2 weeks of sickness at this point, I am plotting and planning my next piece.  The piece I had wanted to start before I ended up in the hospital for 3 days.  The blue print I purchased last April was cut and prepped for use before I got sick. I want to start on it soon, hopefully before my two children return this weekend. 
But it had been originally planned to be completed and photographed and done by now.  I am running very behind, and if anything, I am grateful I did not take on the task of AnimeFest this year.  I dont think I have been prepared for it with the numerous health issues I have had. And we are only half done with 2015, lol. 

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