Sunday, July 27, 2014

Winter Snowflake Hair Bobby Pins

I was requested to make a couple of sets of these winter snowflake kanzashi bobby pins for a Frozen theme gift.  They turned out pretty well, and I think I am going to expand upon this design and add it to the made to order section of the shop.  My customer requested several variations on this theme, so I will have different color choices to show where usually its just the one picture, that is like from the opening of the shop.

By the way, I will be doing a re-shoot.  AGAIN. 
My phone is due for an upgrade in September, and where I have a pretty outdated camera, I am going all in on the top of the line 120 megapixel with stabilization and focus technology.  My husband already got his (and yes, I am burdened with a severe case of phone envy) and the pictures on it are just incredible. No fighting the light or focus at all.  Just snap and go, the way digital was meant to be.  I am really excited about it and plan to put it to use as soon as it's in hand.

I started playing around in store envy today, got an account set up and a store design laid out.  Haven't had much time to work on it and I am not by any means committed, just wanted to see where the hidden costs were. 

Etysian no more???

So after much debating....I am still debating.

Etsy is changing the shop layout pages and I hate them.  HATE THEM!!!!

I sent them a scathing response about the crappy way they are presenting the shops now. 

I am thinking about pulling my site from Etsy and going with BigCartel or StoreEnvy or somehting else. 

I have been a member of Etsy since the shop opened 3 years ago, and this is the most horrible, drastic change they have done with the visual representation of the site, like evar. 

There are seveal things they haven't carried through with either, like shipping changes. 

I have heard among other shop owners that I am not the only one to feel this way, so I don't know if they will go through with it or not, but I am starting to think opening a shop with just some made to order pieces would not be a bad idea.  And if Etsy decides to shoot themselves in the foot with this change, cause shops are going to start dropping out of that site fast.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gathered Wisteria

The wisteria is finally gathered with all its pieces, and I think it is big enough not to have a shidare as well. It does need a few accents, like some bright green leaves, a few twisting vines, and a butterfly, in pink I think. 

I have also started the custom order, so there will be pics of that soon, as it will be taking me a few months to get it all done. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Comission

So did you know that kanzashi makes great gifts?  Someone does. 

I just had an order request for a hair clip in chirimen, a hair stick in chirimen, 6 sets of bobby pins, and 4 satin kanzashi.  All to be given out as Christmas gifts. Glad she got her order in early! 

So my work list goes as follows -

Finish wisteria kanzashi.

Start custom order.
Finish custom order.

Start more ornament balls.
Hopefully before christmas.

fun Fun FUN!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fuji Work

The front four of the wisteria are completed.

Honestly I think they are a little too long to have a shidare, I will probably end up skipping out on that and just making this a senior maiko piece. 

Other than that decision, I like the way the colors are blending.  The back three falls will hang in varied positions as to be seen better, but will include more purple than the front four with mostly pearl. 

I still have leaves and vines and decorations, but this picture is a general position of how the front should look. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Fuji Has Begun.....

Started the wisteria, what you see is the petals on the frame that will hold the shidare.  Instead of a strait back pull to the wires behind the blossoms like in clusters and bouquets, wisteria has a different frame formation, so that the blossoms hang while supported on a wire frame. There will be seven falls in all, four on top and three underneath.  The petals will have a variety of mismatched colors, but mostly consisting of the white (its actually pearl). 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Satin Kanzashi New Batch Finaly Listed!

1A - Hot pink with gold highlight satin brocade with gold stamens and pink and black feathers
2A - Purple, Black, and Gold satin brocade with gold stamens, stiff black feathers and small purple and gold duck feathers.
3A - Hot pink and gold highlight satin brocade with black stamens, black and pink feathers.
4A - Purple, black, and gold satin brocade with black stamens, black and purple feathers.
5A - Hot pink with gold highlights satin brocade with pink stamens, pink and gold feathers.
6A - Purple, black, and gold satin brocade with gold stamens, soft purple feathers and one black feather
7A - Teal with hot pink highlights satin brocade with hot pink stamens, pink and blue and black feathers.

1B - Blue with gold highlights satin brocade with gold stamen centers and white feathers.
2B - Pink with hot pink accents satin brocade, with large pearl stamen center and white and pink feathers.
3B - Blue with gold highlights satin brocade, with large pearl stamens and blue gold and white feathers.
4B - Pink with hot pink accents satin brocade, with small pearl stamens and pink and white feathers.
5B - Blue with gold highlights satin brocade, with small pearl stamens and all white feathers
6B - Pink with hot pink accents satin brocade with rhinestone center and pink and white feathers

Hopefully I sell more than 3 of this batch.  They are definitely better quality, not rushed as much as the first batch was.  That is part of the reason they get a seperate listing.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Most of them came out ok.  The lighting is a little stronger this time, but i really wanted the colors to come through, especially on the bridge.

 So the bridge is done and up for sale! The autum piece i did forevers ago is now up for sale, plus the custom order (where I had another one disappear) is up for sale. 

I also took shots of all my new satin kanzashi with feathers, but I don't have them photo shopped and looking nice yet.  They will probably have to wait until tomorrow.

Meanwhile I still have the wisteria to get started on now that my pearl colored chirimen is in.  I have to start cutting that up tonight.  YAY!

Monday, July 7, 2014

New Chirimen Patterns in stock!

Thats more hazy cherry blossom print, and two new color prints, a half yard of red, a half yard of hydrangea green, two pearl pieces to do my wisteria with, one coral pink, and one goldenrod to match the patterned piece.

I have managed to put the centers in the satin kanzashi but have not moved very far past that.  With the holiday things have been very busy.

I also have finally received the two pieces of silk brocade that my mother bought me in Australia as a gift.  I DO have plans for that, including headbands and large barrettes. And that isn't even the secret project I am working on.

ALWAYS busy behind the scenes! 

Friday, July 4, 2014

More Satin on the Way!

I have started several more kanzashi in the satin style.  I would have had more, but I dumped a can of soda all over the first batch of flowers.  This is batch #2.

In this group we have some purple with black and gold highlights, Hot pink with gold plum blossom, some teal with gold and silver print, another teal with hot pink highlights, and cream with deep pink tones.

Most of these pieces will have the stamens, because that is pretty much all I have to center them with.  I am down to my last 3 rhinestone button centers, and I don't really have the capitol to put up to order more.  Mostly becasue of the rather large chirimen order I just put in.

They will, as the last batch did, all have feathers.  I found some good clearanced feathers at a Michaels craft store, I believe I will be shopping there for my feathers from now on.  Especially if they keep discounting them as they are. 

I believe next time I do some satin, I will keep off the feathers, but add more petals and details. 

That and now that it is July, it is time for me to start back into ornament balls.  I'm thinking a few more holiday, like  halloween and patriotic colors, with the cheaper satin, and then a few more in the satin brocade. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I sold another hairstick, YAY!

I haven't had time to take any pictures yet.  My kids are running me ragged.  Weekends are always busy, and I am constantly tending to them, that by the time the day is over I just want some sleep.

I did put in my new chirimen order, hydrangea green, goldenrod, basic red, the pearl (which is back in stock), and some coral pink. 
I also stopped by joann's today and picked up some feathers and a head band for a secret project im working.  Plus I want to work a few more kanzashi designs for the satin departement.

By the way, I have found that due to personal reasons (and political) I am not shopping hobby lobby for a while.  A long while.  Problem is, they had the BEST selection of feathers!  I am going to check out Michaels today, since while they might be more expensive, I know my money is going to health care that is comprehensive.  But is there a cheap place I can order them online?  I have been using lots of different kinds, and some internet direction would be most helpful!