Sunday, July 27, 2014

Etysian no more???

So after much debating....I am still debating.

Etsy is changing the shop layout pages and I hate them.  HATE THEM!!!!

I sent them a scathing response about the crappy way they are presenting the shops now. 

I am thinking about pulling my site from Etsy and going with BigCartel or StoreEnvy or somehting else. 

I have been a member of Etsy since the shop opened 3 years ago, and this is the most horrible, drastic change they have done with the visual representation of the site, like evar. 

There are seveal things they haven't carried through with either, like shipping changes. 

I have heard among other shop owners that I am not the only one to feel this way, so I don't know if they will go through with it or not, but I am starting to think opening a shop with just some made to order pieces would not be a bad idea.  And if Etsy decides to shoot themselves in the foot with this change, cause shops are going to start dropping out of that site fast.

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