Sunday, July 27, 2014

Winter Snowflake Hair Bobby Pins

I was requested to make a couple of sets of these winter snowflake kanzashi bobby pins for a Frozen theme gift.  They turned out pretty well, and I think I am going to expand upon this design and add it to the made to order section of the shop.  My customer requested several variations on this theme, so I will have different color choices to show where usually its just the one picture, that is like from the opening of the shop.

By the way, I will be doing a re-shoot.  AGAIN. 
My phone is due for an upgrade in September, and where I have a pretty outdated camera, I am going all in on the top of the line 120 megapixel with stabilization and focus technology.  My husband already got his (and yes, I am burdened with a severe case of phone envy) and the pictures on it are just incredible. No fighting the light or focus at all.  Just snap and go, the way digital was meant to be.  I am really excited about it and plan to put it to use as soon as it's in hand.

I started playing around in store envy today, got an account set up and a store design laid out.  Haven't had much time to work on it and I am not by any means committed, just wanted to see where the hidden costs were. 

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