Custom Orders

 A lovely set of pins not for hair, but for obi! Any kitsuke or cosplayer will love this decorative piece with a six inch thread wrapped stem length to hide in an obi knot or as a front display.  With a brand new alternating length stationary bira bira! This entire set is approximately $135. 

Sold 10-14-2014

This set was customized with a printed fabric design.  One piece has a completely rotational bira bira, and the other with a double shidare.  Both mounted to 6 inch wooden hair sticks.  A small set like this is valued at appromixately $30. 
Sold 10-01-2014

The ivory momiji piece was requested for a lady with an asian fusion wedding! Five flowers of double pointed leaf petals, with bira bira and 3 tier shidare.  With gold accents, she made a lovely bride!  This piece was espcially work intensive, and is valued at $50. 

This custom order was for a photo shoot.  It has one kiku, one hana kanzashi with shidare, and one hana tiara, a very complicated piece.  Tiara's are 50-100 depending on size and complexity.  This complete set is valued at $200. 

Completed 11-28-2013

Sold 10-24-2013

This custom order piece was requested from a return customer.  The red and white rounded petals are layered one on top of the other, with pointed petal spacers in white, with a bira bira attachment and rhinestone center.  This piece runs around $45. (seen right)

Sold 6-1-13

This beauty was a custom request from a great customer.  This camellia style was new to me, but was very easy once you get the pattern of the petals. This piece has three leaves and a bira bira attachment.  This piece runs around $55. (seen left)

This lovely custom order is of a 10 blossom hydrangea in purple, with kelly green leaves.  With bira bira attachment this piece runs at $45. (seen below)
Sold 7-30-2013

This complete Maiko set comes with one hana kanzashi in the cherry blossom style with attached bira bira and shidare with bell tips. Also included is a spiral kiku with rhinestone center and four hana hair pins.  A complete set like this one starts at $100. (seen below)

Sold 8-15-2012

Sold 10-6-2012

This kiku set come with one spiral patterned kiku with a two tiered removable shidare, and four bobby pins. This set begins at $50.(seen right)

I do also do many small pieces as custom designs, like single flowers on a hair stick, or a small group of flowers on a silver kanzashi style hair pin.  Please contact me here or through my Etsy shop for a custom quote!

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