Monday, August 4, 2014



I am working with a web developer friend of mine to get the Storenvy shop open and looking beautiful.  I am still keeping Etsy but will no longer be pointed at it.  It, along with all pre-made merchandise, will be moved to the custom built site. Etsy will remain open for made to order and custom items.  I might keep a piece or two in there, but most everything will be  moved to Storenvy.  I won't be opening until middle of september, so I can do a major relaunch with new photos on the new phone.

And my friend is so wonderful, he's even going to look at the blog for me.  Because I am a css and html and ruby and liquid dummy.

I am currently working on different kind of kanzashi like barrettes in different sizes with the snowflake design.  I am also working with a new technique of satin kanzashi to bring that back into the store.  If I can master this hot glue technique without burning the hell out of my fingers (which has happened. A lot.) then I can really expand the inventory selection.  Headbands, barrettes, broaches, etc. would all be nice. 

So with all that said, I am hard at work but it will be a while before any new listings come up.  Keep checking here and on my Facebook feed for examples of the upcoming products.  I had a few up already. 

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