Friday, August 22, 2014

Where does the time go??

I just realized I haven't posted on here in almost a month.  Thats because my camera phone is on the fritz and pictures have been shoddy.  But there is good news.

I got a professional to come out and shoot for me the whole set.  2 and a half hours of pictures.  With lights, and professional digital camera, the works.  Now i am going through the process of editing and stamping them all with the kanzashi temple logo. 

I haven't heard much from my webdeveloper friend, he's been pretty busy, and I have been as well.

I am not adding new pieces to the Etsy stop, but new made to order listings.  By building up a variety of examples, I hope to build a different kind of business there in which I sell only custom orders and made to order, instead of paying for stock pieces that don't move.  Those I am sending to storenvy.  With all new photos, and a new website, a new face book store integration, that matches the blog.  Its a complicated network, but worth it to finially have a logo or theme i can stick with.

I will also be changing the etsy site name from lilyashes to kanzashi temple.  But i wont activate that until I get closer to opening the Storenvy site.

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