Friday, July 4, 2014

More Satin on the Way!

I have started several more kanzashi in the satin style.  I would have had more, but I dumped a can of soda all over the first batch of flowers.  This is batch #2.

In this group we have some purple with black and gold highlights, Hot pink with gold plum blossom, some teal with gold and silver print, another teal with hot pink highlights, and cream with deep pink tones.

Most of these pieces will have the stamens, because that is pretty much all I have to center them with.  I am down to my last 3 rhinestone button centers, and I don't really have the capitol to put up to order more.  Mostly becasue of the rather large chirimen order I just put in.

They will, as the last batch did, all have feathers.  I found some good clearanced feathers at a Michaels craft store, I believe I will be shopping there for my feathers from now on.  Especially if they keep discounting them as they are. 

I believe next time I do some satin, I will keep off the feathers, but add more petals and details. 

That and now that it is July, it is time for me to start back into ornament balls.  I'm thinking a few more holiday, like  halloween and patriotic colors, with the cheaper satin, and then a few more in the satin brocade. 

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