Thursday, July 16, 2015

Back in action!

Ok, the shop is back open, custom orders are available and I am working for a cause. I was stricken with the terrible news that one of my close friends has developed cancer. The only way I can help her is to raise some sales in her name. But I won't make some sales without new inventory,  so I have started a set of new pieces using the blue print fabric I have so desperately needed to work with. It's hard to get back into work, especially since I am not in the greatest health either. But I have been sitting on my supplies for too long. And now I have a purpose. 
I plan on a few more of this larger double blossom design. Then some various medium sized kiku's with different colors in the same basic style as the large red print mix with rounded petals. Smaller and less decorative, but more affordable. Then some standard kiku's in solid colors with pointed petals.

100% of every sale I make till the end of 2015 will be donated directly to my friend to cover her medical costs. I don't expect to help much, but a few hundred dollars can make a real difference. She still has a long road of healing ahead. I hope you guys will join me in helping out.

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