Monday, July 20, 2015

New Pieces! Please donate!

SO! After discovering that one of my friends has cancer, as I previously stated in my last post, all sales from the shop will go directly to helping my friend with her medical costs. 

We are also coordinating a gofundme campaign. Details to come. 

These two are finally finished! Both are made in matching colors of medium blue, fuchsia, plum pink, and that printed blue cloth I have been waiting to use.  Now that I have some real motivation to work, it seemed like a good time. Both have 3 inch hair forks, and are thread wrapped at the attachment. 

The shidare are each different patterns, but one is longer than the other on both pieces.  Its hard to tell inthe photo the way the petals are laying.

Each will be sold separately.  Its probably going to run about 30 each since the printed fabric is so expensive, compared to the regular solid colors. 

I will provide more information on my friend and her condition as she gives me permission to post such personal information.  But so far I have raised nothing, and I am eager to send her any assistance I can.  

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