Monday, July 27, 2015

New stuff and updates

I seem to definitely be working again.  Except for one caviat, I am out of my hair forks. I don't know when I can make it to the store for more, but these two are ready to go. 

I finished the purple over the weekend, and finished the yellow/red today with shidare.  I think purple might get a bira bira.  Not certain yet.  But most of the labor is done, now I just need to fix them to something and get them thread wrapped and photographed. 

I have started another set, pumpkin orange and green. But it accents a print I haven't used before, and I have been deciding about this fabric for some time.  This one will be a double cherry blossom like the pink and blue.

And then I have an actual pink cherry blossom on a white background I have been meaning to recreate, it's next on the agenda.  But I have a concern that I am running out of certain colors, that usually throws off a whole color scheme.  I have to re-inventory soon.  But right now I try to take a mental note and move on.

Remember these pieces are all basically charity.  All sales will be donated to my friend and fellow kanzashi artisan with cancer.  So donate some money and get something nifty in return! 

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