Thursday, July 30, 2015

Trashcan Gold

I'm digging in hope through random bags of hair attachments, (barrettes and clips and such) and low and behold what do I find? ONE LAST PACK of hair forks.  I immediately went to work.

Three I have used on the ones in the photo. The green/orange will each be posted separately, since they have different patterns.  The fourth hair fork I have saved for the purple kiku I made but haven't figured out how to finish.  Part of my problem is they don't make the color purple I am out of and conveniently had enough to finish the piece with, but left nothing for the shidare. And I don't have any more small squares of the print.  So I could add a bira bira, rotational, and maybe fix it up that way.  Yet it just doesn't seem to fit with what I had imagined when I started.  So I continue to debate it. 

As soon as I am finished #4 I am going to set up a photo shoot again.  With 6 pieces now to list, I think I have enough to make it worth it. 

Still working on that gofundme campaign for my friend.  Will have real details soon. 

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