Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Completed Bridge

I spent the last two days putting this pretty girl together,  She is very full, and will take a few days to do the finishing touches of wrapping the framework with thread so that the wires do not release and poke or cut.  It will also tighten down some of the loose pieces. 

I think next I will try a chrysanthemum bridge and maiko set. Maybe a simple arrangement of peonies.  But nothing this detailed and elaborate.

Signups for the conventions have already begun in Dallas.  I have passed on A-kon this year, which is the largest convention, and have rather opted to sign up for the Anime Fest, which is more in August than in June.  I wanted to start small for my first con, learn a few things before jumping into the big Akon to-do. And the time difference will give me a little more room to prepare. I still need a sign, new business cards, new pieces, verify that my credit card scanner still works (since I have never had the opportunity to use it), little details like that. 

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