Monday, February 24, 2014

New Chrysanthemum Bridge

These are the colors for the next bridge I am building.  From left, lemon yellow, goldenrod, and pumpkin orange.  There will be 2 lemon yellow and 2 pumpkin orange and 1 goldenrod at the center.  The center of each mum I have not attached as I usually do, because I am going to do them all at once to get a more exact size on each to match all the way across.  I really wanted to do a hana to go with this set, but I just don't have enough of the goldenrod to make more. 

I will also be including foliage with this set, three traditional rounded petal leaves for each mum.  Most likely I will use the dark green tea color and memory thread for the stem accent.  Then its thread wrapping and mounting.  Still a long way to go till I get there.  Maybe at the end of the week if I am diligent. 

I still have not finished the thread wrapping of the previous white and gold bridge.  Truthfully I am tired of working on it and want a new challenge.  I will get it done soon, it's too pretty to go unfinished.

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