Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Custom order DONE! And TZARTISAN shop now open!

I've been a busy bee, as usual! To the right you can see the final display of the custom order I have been working for a month and a half!  The stems are 6 inches, to be tucked behind an obi fold around the knot or in front as a display piece.  Each bouquet has 7 blossoms, 2 leaf pieces and an alternating length bira bira. 

I never did find pins big enough  or strong enough to hold up this much weight properly, but these 4 inch'ers did the trick, I just had to add some lenght to the stem and give it a front facing bend in the stem.  All in all, they are still slightly adjustable, but look darn good.And are quite sturdy.

The hair clip was a side order to put in her wig for her cosplay. 

On top of that, I have finally gotten to work on the kanzashi I promised to donate to the TZARTISAN SHOP which is now up and running!!!!  All proceeds go to publishing the tutorial book.

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