Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ok, I'm back. For real this time.

So I had to disappear for another week.  But I'm back.  Seriously.  Shop is open, work resumes tomorrow night.  I have a custom order I am behind on, mainly because my first attempt was a complete FAIL.  The petals refused to line up, but when they do, look out! This piece is going to be a knockout when it's finished.  Another red and white chrysanthemum style, but instead of pointed petals it is a series of rounded, flower petals separated with a light pink pointed spacers. Throw in a white mum center with a rhinestone charm, and the piece turns into a real statement.  I will have photos in the custom order section when it is finished. 

And I am still working on the How To section.  I have my photos done, but I need to have them lay out on the page correctly, which is , of course, a total PAIN.  Hopefully I can have that done by end of the week, after this custom order job. 

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