Sunday, July 7, 2013

Woe Is Me!!!

Ok, life kinda sucks right now.  Not only did I get into a large patch of poison ivy while trimming and weeding hedges a few days ago, but I am on a new medication for my disease that makes me super drowsy.  Meanwhile I should be coated in calamine and taking benedryl, but I am turning in part time job applications instead.  Joy!
I am working a new kanzashi, a camellia in black and deep eggplant purple accent.  Unfortunately dark colors are very unforgiving, and I am having a hard time keeping the glue from sticking to EVERYTHING.  I will just have to see how bad it is when it is finished.  I've designated this one to my Bestest Friend in the whole wide world, and I hope she loves it cause it is totally being a pain in the butt. 
I have asked my husband to watch the kids for a while today so I can get some kanzashi time in, hopefully finish most of that piece and start a few more.  I have the pumpkin orange cut and ready to be used.  What to do with it, I'm not really sure.  Leave me some suggestions in the comments, or on our facebook page!

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