Sunday, September 1, 2013


One of my downfalls is that I over analyze everything.  And strengths. 
So I worked really hard last night on a piece I might still use later, but still I was not satisfied in using it as the focal point of the hana kanzashi.  It was too busy, as I was still trying to incorporate as many colors as possible.  I was trying too many new patterns and it showed.  They were sloppy and unbalanced. 
I took a step back and hit a final decision on the piece, with blue and white flowers and scrapping the incorporation of every color on every piece.  The butterflies and leaf accents will carry enough of the red and yellow while the flowers focus on the predominate colors of pearl and blue.  I will also be keeping the gold spiral center, a common technique in Japanese kanzashi.  A new pick up from that book I got back in April of this year. 

The main point is, I made a decision and have direction, the rest of the piece will come more easily and the real work can begin.

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