Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mardi Gras Kanzashi

I managed this piece the day of a Mardi Gras party I attended in downtown Dallas this past Friday.  Its a Kiku on a 2.5 inch base, making it roughly about 3 inches across.  That's fairly large for a chrysanthemum. It has four tiers of shidare falls, with silver and rhinestone accents. The shidare is rotational, which took some real engineering.  It's two pieces of 20g wire with a loop at the top and bound just underneath with some 26g, both in gold.  I had originally intended the charms and bells to be in gold but I couldn't find anything.  Dallas isn't very good for Mardi Gras selection, and I made this piece at the last minute.  No time to order specialty parts.   It is well secured at least, I wore it the whole night with only half my hair up and it never moved.  The charms and size of the kiku make the weight of this piece pronounced though.  I could tell I had something in my hair, though it didn't pull or move. I would give this one a medium weight grade.  
I am still working on the chrysanthemum bridge.  I started the leaves last night but didn't get past 2 pieces since I was very tired from being up late the night before.  But it's still a start.  I will hopefully be working on more later today. 

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