Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Work in Progress Temari Rose Garden

So the rose garden is coming along.  The one you see on top is the final layer of pink, and now I can begin the final layers of white before finishing the flower centers.  The number of rounds for each layer gradually increase from 3, to 4, to 6.  The white will probably take 8. 

At the places where the gold guidelines make a six-point intersection, I will create a leaf shaped pattern which will connect the flowers together and give it a finished look.  Then it goes in the shop.  So far, this one is definitely for sale. 

You can see that one of the guidelines is stuck with a pin, not only does this keep it somewhat in place, it is the stitch marker for beginning and finishing each round.  When starting the alternate square formation I always start to the right of the pin when the pin is south of the working area.  This keeps everything even and straight.

I am getting the kanzashi itch again.  I had hoped to be finished more temari before now, but it appears two is all that is going to make it into the shop at this time.  I still have the light blue mari wrapped and ready to be plotted, but I want to finish my chrysanthemum bridge soon as well.  It is still sitting with the white and gold one I have to wrap the base on before I can put it up for sale. 

It won't be much longer until June hits, and I will be back to making pillowcases and ornament balls.  I haven't had much time to stitch anything but temari, and my kanzashi is way behind too.  I still have top hats in the closet that are untouched from way long ago.  I really need to learn how to make those things.  One more thing on the to-do list. 

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