Saturday, February 14, 2015

Back Again

Lab results came back BENIGN!!! 

So here is the plan. 

Custom orders will open again in the beginning of March.
New products will include Chiyrogami Bookmarks with origami designs.
Hopefully get good enough at stitching Japanese Embroidery to start doing my designs in silk.

I finished making my design for the momiji on brown.  Should be able to start stitching that soon.
I have learned quite a bit about design transfers.  But the white friction marker I found seems to be the best.  You can rub it gently or just iron it out, no fading, no smuding, to rubbing off on accident.  It takes a while to apply, and didnt like the fact that I had traced out my design with a silver marking pencil first. So next time i will pre-draw with something like graphite and try to apply over a non greasy surface. 

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