Sunday, February 28, 2016

Custom Order Update and New Inventory!

So as you can see, while I have been sick in bed with endometriosis for 7 days, literally, I have been quite busy.  I have 5 new double sakuras made, 2 of which obviously not pictured.  On the bottom is the lovely custom order i am still working on.  They are now measued in equal lengths (not an easy task I assure you.), and have been taped with floral tape and are ready for thread wrapping.

Except for one problem.  I hurt my wrist trying to open a stupid jar of olives.

So tonight I am hoping to accomplish that big photo shoot and get all the new inventory listed for bookmarks, the 5 double sakuras, 2 kikus and anything else I have made lately.

But with my wrist out of action, its going to mean no kumihimo, no kanzashi, and a brace for the next week.  FUN. not.

Good thing I can still type in a brace.

So look for more store updates and such over the next few weeks.  Hopefully I can still thread wrap with the brace on, I need to get this custom order out the door.  But definitely more computer udates soon.

We are also still tossing around ideas as to what to do now that the kickstarter has failed.  Looks like we might be opening a store on the TZARTISAN website, for donations and to help those who donated to the kickstarter and did not receive their rewards.  We are still going to publish this book people! Kickstarter or not!

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