Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Store Updates and New Pieces!!!

 Well, I finally managed to work through all of my combs, about 9 pieces in all.  Truthfully I lost count.  I have my favorites of the batch listed here though I really like them all.

I am starting to feel like an accomplished artisan, and you can see why.  My pieces are worth appreciating these days, and they are really getting noticed.  My facebook feed is getting more active and DeviantART is really going nuts now that I am attached to the DeviantART TZARTISAN group.  We know our kanzashi, after all...... :)

Today, while making updates to DeviantART, I started going through my inventory.  I do this about once a year, to combine and re-label boxes and move stuff to clearance.  Some of it I am keeping and some of it is going to the TZArtisan STORE.  I already have some ornaments and bookmarks set aside and pulled out of store inventory.  I also deactivated all the holiday ornaments that no one is going to purchase in July.  I have the other ornaments set aside to re-photograph now that I have much better lighting. 

As for that vacation, we have decided to wait until September 12 to start the Lupron injections. So starting that week we will be on vacation mode until October 15 or so.

Only the store will be closed.

I am still hopefully taking custom orders and making pieces and working.  But I am not stressing about listings or updates, things will happen as they happen.  I truly have no idea how much this will effect me the first month.  I may even just get a hotel room for a while to be away from everyone while I go through this process.  Then I could focus on work and kanzashi until my fingers bled, lol. 

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