Monday, August 15, 2016

Inventory Refresh and Reworking Pieces

No more
Every now and again, an inventory refresh is necessary.  It helps cut down clutter (where I have boxes of kanzashi in 5ft tall stacks) and I am forced to visually inspect them for damage, or poor workmanship. 

Many of my pieces have been taken down to be reworked.

This one was wired poorly, and sat in inventory for years.  3 years actually.  It needed to be redesigned and thread wrapped, as it still had it's original wire wrapping under a billion layers of tape. 

As you can see, I am working on rebinding it with several leaf and bud pieces.  It is also getting a green thread wrap. 

One of these will be going to the TZARTISAN STORE  and the other is going in my shop

I have also been doing other work on inventory refreshing, website updates! DeviantART was sorely lacking in information for some of the older, originial files.  Many still have the Kanzashi Temple logo.  Many were shot on the fly, as quickly as possible, and now have better photos to represent them properly.  So, I am starting in the original files and moving up. 

Most of these pieces I am working on will not be available till after September. 

I am still planning on shutting down the store for the month of September as I recover from my medical procedure.

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