Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Photos Coming Soon I swear

I finished a few pieces, like the momiji piece, and they have been coming out exceptionally well.  I started using a traditional mounting technique for these new pieces, and it is working out better than my own method (of course). 

I just finished this little blue and pink piece, the first in a new batch of kanzashi. 

I got my chirimen order in, and that means time to prep and cut fabric. I also have a back log of photos to take and pieces to list, and I swear I am going to get to that soon.  I haven't had much space in the house to set up a photo table, since we have been rearranging furniture and deep cleaning clutter lately. But we have one more piece to move in and re-arrange. A new desk for me!!!!

 But in the mean time I have that phoenix to finish, and I want to make several batches of stock pieces like bobby pins and hair sticks and little forks like this one. 

But the good news is I managed to finish most of my Christmas stuff in a single day.  All the extended family I tend to have anxiety over have been marked off my extensive list. Which means I have more time for kanzashi! And moving furniture. 

I am also going into the OBGYN today to have a discussion on one of my numerous complications.  This time it is the endometriosis.  But after today I should have a real game plan on my future health instead of just biding my time on this Lupron to see what happens. 

I am also hoping to reschedule that photo shoot for my furisode kimono for sometime in February.  It will be my last month on Lupron.  Which means my last month being pain free for some time. So I will have updates on that pine needle kanzashi I have to get back to before then. 

That's all for now I think.

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