Friday, October 11, 2013

New Ornament Ball on the Way

Ok, so I have completed 4 new balls that need ribbon, and working on a 5th.  Heading to the store tomorrow to get a yard of white satin, some new ribbons, and anything else I happen to find.  I also put in an amazon order for 2 boxes of 800 count straight satin pins, but ordering the foam balls online at 7.50 a pack vs getting them down the street at 4.00 a pack is a major difference when you are getting as many packs as I do.  I am also temped to try doing a wall mounted piece, with half of a 6 inch sphere.  I thought about doing smaller ones, but I worry about logistics and using as many straight pins as this task requires into a smaller ball.  Plus the smallest pin I can find is 1 and 1/16 inches long, and an 1.5 inch ball isnt going to work.
I am starting to develop calluses while my leather thimble has just about worn a hole in itself. 
But the plan is tonight I finish my 5th ball, tomorrow I shop, tomorrow night I wrap and trim, Sunday I photograph and edit, and maybe Monday or Tuesday I can get everything listed. Not to mention somewhere in there I am going to have to chop fabric, to the point that I really want a rotary cutting machine.  Urgh.  Tired of cutting squares.  But I am almost out of gold and silver crepe back satin, I have been using it so much lately.

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