Monday, October 14, 2013

Misc. Info.

The new ornament balls are up and boy are they looking good.  The pictures came out great, the collages were easy and a nifty new feature for me to show more photos. I have really been getting into those for the first photo, since Etsy has changed the layout of the picture viewer, and the first photo is the most important.
I will be gone this coming weekend, out of town visiting family for my son's 3rd birthday. This will only really effect Saturday shipping, as we are leaving Friday afternoon.  Any sales will be shipped Monday the
21st. During this time I hope to complete at least 1-2 ornament balls a day.  HOPE. I have so many colors I want to try out, orange, magenta, purple, brown, and of course I have to redo a few that I have already sold.
I am actually going to meet my fellow kanzashian! Will keep you posted on that as creative details emerge.
I feel good about what I am doing now.  I was stuck on that tiara for way too long.  Not only are the ornament balls popular, they are bringing new customers to the shop and introducing them to the world of kanzashi and Japanese crafts. Plus I REALLY need some new pieces for my kimono to get back into doing conventions. And books.  Always need books.  There is a $90 book on ebay about how to style the maiko hairstyle and where to place kanzashi and how it fits together. Want it sooooo bad, even if it is in Japanese, it has great step by step pictures.And the kimono deals I have had to pass up lately would make you want to cry. But maybe I can start moving forward with some of that, if I can get some of these balls to bring in more customers. 
So on with the ornament balls for now, at least until the Christmas season is over.  Then I am going to take some r and r time with Final Fantasy 14. Then, in February, I will get back into kanzashi in time for the spring wedding season.
Oh, and my son starts school next week. I will be childless every regular school day from 8am till 3 pm.  Lots of time to get things done and maybe more work on the store.

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