Thursday, October 17, 2013

Going......Going.....Ok seriously, I'm gone.

I'm headed out of town for the weekend. Which is a shame really, because I have 3 balls (working on #4) to wrap and photograph and sell.  But it might give me some time to work on more balls themselves, I will just have to hold off on the wrapping and photos until Tuesday. 

Got a lot going on this coming week. My son's birthday is Monday.  Its also his first day of school.  He is 3 starting special education for preschoolers. He goes half day in the morning, and then to daycare in the afternoon. It will be a major change in my life.  I'm still looking for at least a part time job, and I am concerned I have missed my window for real employment with the holiday season hiring spree already over.  I've got the most experience in retail, that or being a barista.  I'm an artist.  No in demand skill set. And I am not in what most would consider the best of health. I have a lot of demands with my kids, and a difficult schedule.  But all that is just excuses for to hide the real issue, I'm terrified of having no time for the Temple.

Sold another ball this morning, I am thinking of remaking it or at least one that is similar.  I keep selling all my ornaments to the same person, and I can't decide if she is reselling them or giving them as gifts to people, A LOT.  But honestly at least someone is buying them.  It gives me drive to make more.

Which I have been doing.  A LOT.

 I made one alternating red and white, one gold brocade and white highlight, and one orange brocade with gold highlight.  Right now I am working on magenta brocade with gold highlights.  After that I am making a few more blue and white winter color ones.  Eventually I will get to the purple with butterflies, and then remake the tea rose ornament and the blue and silver ornament I just sold.
Busy Busy!!!

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