Monday, October 21, 2013

Sprained Wrist = No Work

Short Version: 3 new balls coming and then nothing for a while.  Maybe a custom order.  November should be more productive, after my wrist heals.  Going to meet another kanzashi artist soon. 

Long Version:  So if you have been following me on facebook, you will know that I managed to sprain my wrist the other day making ornament balls. These new pins (I just bought in bulk off amazon of course) are complete trash.  They are dull, thick, and difficult to work with.  I managed to sprain my wrist Thursday night, and by Friday it was very painful.  I have a brace for it, to keep me from making twisting or pinching motions or to lift any objects over 3lbs.  Which is just horrible since I am a mother of 2 young children and its my right wrist (obviously right handed). Even driving is difficult at times. But I keep the brace on and a steady diet of ibuprofen, and it is getting better. But it is still easily stressed so no ornament balls for a while. :(

Enough complaining, down to business.  I had a custom order inquiry today, and that is ALWAYS exciting. I also still have 3 balls to wrap with ribbon and photograph and list, so I am still working on something at least.  But I had to take the entire weekend off just to rest my arm.  I am not even certain I can do kanzashi properly since I have to use a pinching motion with tweezers to make the petals.  But I am not going to pass up a custom order, I enjoy working with real people way too much.

My fellow kanzashian has agreed to meet me for coffee! So INCREDIBLY excited! I am totally going to learn her spider mum design that she has offered to teach me.  I can't wait to learn how it is constructed so I can adapt it to my own wire wrapping techniques.  And she has excellent dying techniques I hope I can learn as well.  I love learning and adapting new techniques, and I hope I can share some with her, too! Not to mention, it would be so nice to have a friend that can just craft with me. I don't have many people around that share my interests. I am so eager, I am positively bursting with exuberance.  YAY!!

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