Sunday, October 27, 2013

Working Again!!!

After a week with no ornaments I am back at work.  I just posted 3 new ornaments to the store, an orange and gold, a reversible red and white, and a white and gold.  They are getting some traffic, but not nearly as much as my made-to-order chrysanthemum in spiral setting.  I was actually thinking of taking the section down, but with as much traffic as its been getting lately, I will keep it a while longer to see what it does.  I have only ever had 1 person order from it in 6 months, so not really sure if its worth the money to keep it up.
I am definitely on the waning side of ornaments.  I don't have the passion for them as I once did, and that means a different hobby for a weekend.  And since I am about to be kanzashi inspired, it will probably mean back to a new piece.
I am meeting kanzashian for coffee today! I hope for good things, but I am overly eager and I hope I am not being overbearing.  I get like that when I am excited about something new.

I have one new ornament ball I finished recently that I need to wrap and I have started a new purple with butterflies, but I think that will end up being my last one. Then I will work a few kanzashi pieces and then go back to sewing again as I have a project I MUST FINISH by the end of November.  Its the gifts to my nieces and nephew living overseas.
Here's a pic of what I just posted to the store this week.
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Oh, yeah, and I am thinking of a black Friday sale from black Friday to cyber Monday.  Good idea? Bad idea? Let me know what you think!!!

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