Saturday, November 2, 2013

No new work this week

I sold the orange ornament, YAY!!  I haven't had the energy to replace it yet. BOO! 

Frankly I am adjusting to a new body schedule with ALL my kids going to school, forcing me to get up at the crack of dawn, literally.  And I am so blasted in the evenings I haven't had the energy to work. I am still working on the same ornament I started last week.  But when I finish I will have 2 to wrap, and I think I am done with ornaments for a bit.  I want to go back to making kanzashi especially since I have instructions on how to make a spider mum.  Very excited about that project, though it will be long and involve lots and lots of wire wrapping.  I am guessing about a 20 g wire wrapped in my nylon crochet thread in cream or even pink.  Then a knotted gold center from the gold foil wrapped wire I use for the spirals in the blue and pearl kanzashi.  I am still going to remake that I think, now that I have recovered from the shock of having to start several pieces over.  And I have a friend to help me construct the tiara I think.

Yes, I am talking about my fellow kanzashian!

We had a wonderful first meeting, and I am very much looking forward to sharing ideas and getting tips from her. She has already helped me immensely, even after a short discussion.  She is far more normal and sensible than I could have ever hoped for.  So YAY!!!

Meanwhile I have found out that my Top Hat artist, who makes the blank top hats I decorate with kanzashi, is moving out of state! It makes me sad, but she is happy so I am happy for her, but it sucks cause it probably means no hats for a while.  I grabbed my order of 4 from her 2 blacks, a white and a brown, and said my goodbyes.  I hope she will still make me hats in the future, but shipping is expensive as hell with those things since they are of size. So BOO!!!!

Anyway, all things come and go, life is nothing but cycles.  I do not see it as mere circumstance that as one friend makes and exit another enters my life. It it bittersweet, that kind of change, but comforting at the same time, that things are cyclical like that. 

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