Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Piece!!!

Ok so I had to take some time off from ornaments, especially when inspiration strikes.  And it hit like a bolt of lightning as soon as I saw the orangish-yellow cherry blossom print fabric I ordered forever ago and never used.  I forgot I even had it, which is another problem I am tackling all together.  Inventory.
But I cut it and it is just a lovely tie-dye looking mix of light blues and bright greens, deep pinks and orange and yellow.  I absolutely love the way this piece is coming out, and you can see why below.

hana design

Shidare (incomplete)

Most of the colors came out a little too vibrant when all put together, so I cut the brightness a bit with some pearl colored chirimen.  The shidare below is not complete, but it is the design I have finished thus far.  I have decided to not wrap the wires on this one, and even used the old reliable heavy 22 gauge.  I really want to try a 24, but that will require a trip to the hobby shop. I have not wired or built the frame for the shidare, that is still to come.

Next week I will be catching up on paperwork and doing business things like inventory of supplies (which honestly I have never done) and prepping my documents and receipts for expenses. 

I am also meeting with my fellow kanzashi artist, Friday.  Should be lots of fun, and I am very much looking forward to it. I should have a new post this weekend about how that went and new pics of the final piece.

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