Saturday, November 9, 2013

So Much For Plans......

Ok, so some good news, I have an order for 20 ornaments. 

To be completed and shipped in two weeks.

No Pressure.....

So if I can manage 2 balls a day for now 13 days left, I should be able to finish in time and not flare up my wrist. I am taking percautions, like wearing my brace, taking ibuprofin, that kind of thing.  But I will not feel good about myself until this project is finished. 

This also means that new kanzashi I had almost finished won't be completed until I can finish up this custom job.  I don't feel right dedicating my time to another project until this one (that I am actually get paid for) is done.

I saw kanzashi girl on Friday, and it was awesome!! She pulled out a Gion Matsuri piece that took my breath away.  The amount of time she dedicated to her tiara was amazing.  I was completely in awe.  But I learned alot and she has some amazing creative skills.  She also makes me want to try silk again, with dyeing techniques.  She gave me some great tips on that, and I am very grateful to her.  I really hope she wants to hang out again.

I just finished searching every Joanns in town and let me tell you their inventory system is a lie.  They discontinued several satin blues in the Casa Collection that I use for my ornaments. I researched and found the ones I wanted listed online, and located a store with seveal yards supposedly instock.  Drove half an hour across town in heavy traffic to get there.  They didn't have it. Computer said they had seven yards in stock that morning, but nothing on the shelf. So, I don't know, and am no longer going to rely on that system.  I am just going to have to start recognizing when stuff gets changed out and order appropriately
Oh, and that was time number 2 that happened.  The first  instance wasn't so detrimental.

So I am disappearing for a while.  I will let you know when I am back and working on the shop.

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