Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ornament Balls are Up

Well, it has been a world full of setbacks this week, but I finally squeezed in some time and got the photos of the ornament balls I made (mostly while I was trapped in a hotel room).  Two were found stored in a box that I had kinda forgotten, and two were finished and trimmed a few nights ago. But they are photographed and listed, which believe me, is more work than you would think it to be.
And of course I am having computer issues, mostly storage capacity, and frankly I need a bigger hard drive to accommodate the photos and edits of my inventory.  So I am stuck using my back up laptop, which is kinda slow.  Especially since I don't have a mouse hooked up to it yet.
Next week will be crazy too, since my children are off of school Monday and Tuesday.  I doubt I be able to work much until the evenings.
But it is getting there.  Tomorrow night its back on the tiara, where I will begin the thread wrapping of the wires.  Then I can begin to fix them into small bundles and lay them out in a final design for mounting on the frame.  I still have to create the frame, and figure out the correct size because all I have to go from is a child sized pattern, and my own head. Still lots of work ahead, but a lot of work already done. I can see the light at the end, which is good, cause I have almost hit kanzashi burnout.
Oh, and before I forget, top hats will be coming back soon as well! My order is complete for the base hats but I have yet to pick them up.  It will probably be more like november before I start working on them, since I am definately taking a break after this mega 3 piece set.
And look forward to some origami scenes soon, because I will be focusing on that after this tiara  if I can ever finish it. Picked up some black and gold print washi paper the other day, great for making little Japanese boy clothes!

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