Monday, October 7, 2013

Or, Maybe Not

Holy heck those things went fast.  Sold 3 ornament balls in one day.  So much for those!
But it does mean one thing, I am going to be focusing on that instead of origami.  Which is a shame really, because I had already started practicing a bit.  I still enjoy the ornament balls, or I wouldn't  be making them.  But with Christmas coming up, and the holiday decorations, I had better start making them now.  I even went craft supply shopping today (With the kids i might add), so I can get started asap.  Or, in other words, after the tiara. 
Which, I know, I know, I KEEP saying. 
I attempted to reach out to another Kanzashi artist that just moved to the area. Not sure what they will say.  I could really learn from them, if they are willing to teach. Just depends I guess.  Really trying not to get my hopes up just yet until I get a reply.
Have a busy week ahead. Tonight is wire wrapping, and hopefully Tuesday night will be frame and mounting.  Man I hope this goes well.  

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