Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Piece

 I actaully finished this piece rather quickly.  Three days is a record for me.  Unlike the last orange piece, where as you can see the Hana are relatively the same pattern, the shidare are of falling rounded petals design, instead of waterfall layering.  I even managed to save enough fabric to include the two bobby pins.

I wired this one in the traditional manner, using the thread wrapping technique.  I find it holds the fork in a more secure fashion, since I don't have to worry as much about how the wires underneath lay.   

I am making another smaller wooden hair stick using the same fabric selection with the large flower design.  It will have two tiers of shidare with matching gold bells.

And then, well, who knows??  I was thinking another blue and white.  I have colors I have never used. I really want to do a few more camellia styles, and I have directions for a spider mum I still haven't tried yet.
Which is all well and good, except my kids are out of school next week.  So probably won't get much done until after the new year.

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