Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bright Orange Multi Colored Kanzashi

Finished product!!!!

Honestly she came out pretty well.  I love the bright colors and the layered tiers on the shidare.  Its just different enough. 

The shidare is wired on a new 18g gold colored copper wire I found as a random item in a hobby store.  It was on the wrong rack, all by itself, but it had a barcode.  I didn't care how much it cost. LOL.

Right now I am working a project in crewel embroidery, a second pillowcase to a set I started back in June.  Its been a long half a year of projects, and I am glad to be getting back to something for myself.  I love to practice crewel, in hopes I will eventually get good enough to branch into Japanese silk embroidery and other flat silk embroidery.  I am a huge fan of the Japanese Embroidery Center ( in Atlanta, GA.  I even just received a book of traditional patters from one of my relatives purchased in the JEC store.  So excited!

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