Monday, December 23, 2013



So I now have an account on deviantART at

I just finished posting the kanzashi I have in stock so far. Come to find out, I lost all the files I had of my kanzashi predating 2013.  Where they went, I have no idea, but I lost ALOT of data.  My complete inventory and all the pictures I ever submitted to Etsy are gone.  Many of my original pieces that I have sold are no longer evidenced except the sold files through Etsy.  I had some backups of photos my friend Jilena from Jilena Rachelle Photography had taken in the early days, but that's it.  It will take some time to recover and recompile the data, but I am not disheartened, just aggravated like holy hell.

I also went computer shopping on Christmas money this weekend.  I have a new graphics driver and monitor, so I was able to make some tweeks to the blog that were unnoticeable to me before.  I think the page should be slightly darker and less vibrant, so it will be easier to read.  I don't know how it got that color, but it looked hideous and needed fixing. 

I also have my taxes together, all my reciepts inventoried and in a single spreadsheet.  I am happy to announce that I spent every cent I made on supplies.  Hopefully next year will not be so expensive, since I have a plethora of fabrics to work with and pieces to make. 

I have photography work to do but that will have to wait until after a very profitable christmas morning, LOL.  Most of my gifts this year will be based around Japanese flat silk embroidery, as they were for my birthday.  I think I have just about all the tools together, except for the silk.  I need a decent piece of silk to practice with, and I am not sure what I am looking for.

 I am also going to insist this year that my husband clean out the garage so I can have a work station for Japanese silk resist painting.  I have all the supplies, though I am sure the resist has expired, except for a steamer apparatus. The steam makes the dye stick to the fabric and set in, plus removes the resist from the fabric. It's not a difficult machine to operate, but I am not good at building things that involve electricity, I leave all that up to my engineer husband.

I'm done, for now.

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