Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I haven't accomplished much in the past week or so.  Honestly I am taking a little time off to play some Final Fantasy 14.  I got it as part of my upgraded computer Christmas present, and it has been very distracting to say the least.

I am making plans for the new year, however.

I am holding off on ornaments until July.  I'm just exhausted after Christmas.

There will be more of a focus on hand embroidery this year.  I need to build up my stitching skills so I can take a class to learn Japanese flat silk embroidery.  It been a major goal of mine, and I think by this summer I will be prepared to take the time away from my family to attend a class in Houston taught by a certified teacher.

I want to attempt some sashiko pieces. I got a great book on it, and I haven't even had the chance to open it up yet.

I want to start a Ustream channel.  I would literally be streaming my glueboard as I work and fold petals, make arrangements, wiring and wrapping, recording every step of the way.  Its really a neat way to start making some tutorials to add to the blog.

I want to buy a few old, nasty kimono.  This sounds odd, but I actually want to start restoring kimono, replacing linings, repairing stitches.  I am going to have to start somewhere on learning how to take them apart and putting in replacement pieces, or scrapping them altogether and making a new product.  I have a few books on up-cycling that scrap kimono fabric would be perfect for.  And if nothing else more kanzashi or kimekomi fabric.  Truthfully I could start on my own black formal tomesode kimono, the lining looks terrible and is staind and brown and yellow in places. (But hey, I got it cheap on Ebay).  I have less formal, better conditioned kimono now, but I am very attached to the first kimono I ever bought and wore.

As for current matters, I have two pieces I have made waiting to be photographed.  They are smaller pieces, but hey, I have a lot of big pieces already. 

Ok, I'm Out.  Ya'll have a great new year!

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