Thursday, January 16, 2014

Last Piece of This Series

Navy Blue Kanoko Dots
I've decided this will be the last piece I make of this double cherry blossom large flower style. I have enough examples of this piece to just go with custom orders from now on. I managed to get it on the hairstick, and it is securely in place.  The shidare falls are rotational so you can wear this piece on either side.

I have been working diligently on my color swatch book.  It is really about 40-50% filled in, but that gap is a great financial burden.  It means I am going to have to purchase the smallest amount of fabric they offer for the colors I have missing, which is really getting into the $200-$250 price range. 

So to meet that goal I am going to be making some changes.  More smaller, less expensive pieces.  More flower variety, and style of hair attachment variety.  I am currently trying (and think I finally figured out) the peony, and I have instructions for the spider mum I have not attempted yet.  I can go on. 

The photography department is lacking as well.  I have several photos that just haven't turned out worth a flip lately, and I need to reshoot them in better light.  Unfortunately the light today is overcast and dim, so I am here writing on the blog instead of taking pictures of the new pieces.  Tomorrow is another day.

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