Friday, January 31, 2014

New Ornaments On The Way

Its been a busy week.

I put the finial trims on 5 satin brocade ornament balls tonight.  I hope to have pics as early as Monday.  I am going to make a few more, more seasonally designed.  Less brocade, more solid satin colors.  I need a few for valenties day that don't involve black, and a few for Mardi Gras and Saint Patrick's day.  Amazing how this craft business goes.  Last week I didn't want to touch an ornament for the next 6 months, and now I pinning satin balls like a fiend. 

I went shopping today! WEEE!!!  Found a deep teal and fuchsia satin brocade that just screamed buy me. I also picked up some very pale pink satin and the super shiny gold stretch satin of which I had run out.  I also picked up lots of ribbons and trim for the new balls. 

I also have shipping confirmation a large chirimen order on the way, lots of new colors to help complete my inventory book, and of course new kanzashi. Theses were all solid colors though, I will pick out some prints next time.  Prints are far more expensive because the pattern must be literally pained on the fabric.  Rayon cannot be washed in water, so the thread is dyed before weaving, and any pattern is put on as paint, which makes the fabric actually easier to use since it is less plush and more stiff.  But the chirimen squares are folded so tiny, usually the pattern gets lost and it turns into a mottled multicolor effect. A tiny print will still be visible, like the kanoko dot kanzashi.  The print must be VERY tiny to get this effect, but it is achieveable.  That's why I am going to still include it on my inventory catalog, though it will be some of the last pages I fill in.

Meanwhile I am still tending to several personal matters for the family that demand my attention.  Hopefully I will have those wrapped up soon and can get back to work during the daytime as soon as my chirimen order arrives middle of next week.


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