Monday, April 14, 2014


Went sale shopping, and this is what I come back with, 4 new satin colors and a new satin brocade which looks....interesting.  Colors in order from left to right, navy, orchid, primrose, calypso (which is actually more like a peachy pink), and the colors in the brocade are actually black base with silver highlights and touches of orange and teal.  Its not something I would pick up for myself really, but it might be fun to play around with and see what colors work best. 

Also managed to grab more perle thread for the fuchsia temari I plotted and still have sitting on my desk.  Two shades of yellow for the rose centers and two shades of green to finish the leaves in.  

Thrusday I am going to meet up with EruwaedhielElleth, my fellow kanzashi artist who happens to live in the area.  She owns the shop ImlothMelui on Etsy. Should be fun, she is going to show how rigged the leaves of a narcissus piece she did recently that was just stunning. Meanwhile I shamefully haven't touched a kanzashi in like a month. 

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