Saturday, April 12, 2014

Temari Work


I managed to perfectly plot a complex 8 design on the fuchsia mari.  It is plotted, with marker pins on the starting line.  I want to start with a yellow center so they look like flowers, then a dark pink, then a light pink, then white most likely.  Depends on space.  BUT I am all out of yellow thread so I will have to make it to the store again, which will be next week.
Instead I chose to start the next mari  you see in light blue.  I haven't picked a design yet, but the color scheme will be light green, light yellow, and white or dark blue. 

You can see the mari is still incomplete.  I has much of the yarn that is white underneath that still shows through the thread.  It will take another couple of hours to fully wrap the ball in thread.  As you can see, I typically use a serger spool, because size varies on each ball it may take a regular spool of thread, and it might take more if you have a larger ball.  I get 3-5 balls off one spool of serger thread depending on the ball.

The real trick is to put the thread spool in a cup like the blue glass I have show in the pic.  It holds the serger spool upright, and the thread releases upward when positioned around my feet.  It cuts down the wrap time by A LOT.  But the real key to temari is slow and disciplined wrapping.  Threads should not group in lines or thick ropes.  You can see I even have my own flaws in this one, but with proper wrapping they can be covered and corrected.  But you have to be aware of where your thread is laying.  Its not a mindless task at all. 

I'm making a large satin purchase next week to stock up for kanzashi and ornaments and everything else.  At 3 bucks a yard, you can't pass that kind of sale up.  And I have a mega coupon.  In other words, I will be getting back to kanzashi very soon.  I promised my daughter a satin kanzashi I still have on my to do list. 

I will hopefully be communing with my kanzashi friend as she is coming off a huge custom order.   Which look so positively fab I want to die.  She has limitless skill, and time for that matter.  And focus.  I can't stick to one craft for that long.  She gets lots of custom orders, and it actually makes me jealous, yet happy for her.  She needs it more than I do.
Ok done ranting.  

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