Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Temari of the Week

So really, I have been dealing with a lot this week, and haven't had much time for kanzashi, temari, or anything for that matter.  This is all I could manage since my last post.

Since this is a prototype as well, it will not be going in the shop.  But I am going to give it away, as I do all my prototypes and this one is going to a great home.  I used pink variegated and teal variegated colors with silver guidelines and a white spiderweb accent on the top.  The triangles interlock, so I stitched all the pink in sequential order, and then went back with the teal.  There are 10 lines of pink and 6 of teal.  I really want to do this piece again, and I think I finally have the interlocking method down where the diamonds lay flat and don't bunch up.
I don't know if this design has been done before, but I did come up with it on my own.

I have started wrapping my next mari in deep fuchsia pink.  I am thinking about a rose garden, but I'm really not sure yet.

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