Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More Temari

I have gone temari crazy. My life revolves around phases, and this phase is no different.  I managed three balls in a week! One is not shown, the pink one is a prototype and will be given away, and the purple one goes in the shop.  The red orange yellow kiku with no obi now belongs to my daughter, and the grey and blue one belongs to my best friend in the whole world, who gracoiously let me have it back to take pictures since I had none. 

There are several others I have done, but are lost to time and damage.  I never expected to get back into temari, I always figured it was a passing fancy, another Japanese craft to learn.  But the wrapping of the mari (base) is so relaxing for me I could do it all day.  In fact I enjoy making the thread ball more than I enjoy stitching it. 

I am going to finish two or three shop quality ones before I put them in my shop.  But I will keep up the blog and facebook with progress shots.  Keep checking back with us, more to come!!!

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