Sunday, March 23, 2014

Temari Fun!

Temari adventures are back in full swing.  I have already completed this ball, in a kiku design and a wrapped green obi.  The purple on purple final effect didn't go as well as I had hoped.  I will take some pictures as soon as I finish the other temari I am working on.  Its a rose pink base with gold guidelines with an interlocking diamond pattern.

I also went shopping (with coupons of course) and picked up some higher quality serger thread spools in fuchsia, teal, deep grey, and a light grey-blue. For the teal I grabbed a special light aqua, teal, and white variegated perle thread that I am very excited about using.  The grey is an old standard, it tends to make bright colors really pop.  Not so sure about the light blue grey, I was thinking a yellow and variegated blue with maybe some navy, or for another direction pale green.  I have lots of pink in mind for the fuchsia, a rose garden probably, with deep green leaves.

If you have an interest in Temari, I strongly suggest you visit the Temarikai website!  There is a listing of patterns and designs to learn from without buying costly books. 

I will have more on Temari in the coming weeks, but there is a two fold reason why I am making these.  I have them listed as an item in my shop, yet I haven't made any in a while.  I am drawing up business postcards instead of just business cards, and I want the temari to be pictured on the card.  Which means I have to make some to take pictures of to put on the card.  Hopefully to be printed and have in hand to pass out at AKON in Dallas this year.

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